Alcohol Addiction Counselling

His wife threatened to leave him because of his alcohol addiction

Andrew called me after his wife was threatening to leave him if he did not look at his addiction to alcohol. He was very distressed over this issue and the anxiety was causing him to drink even more. We started to work together on a weekly basis for 4 weeks and he soon discovered that he had anxiety around various issues.

Childhood uncertainties at the root

As we worked through the layers of what was underneath his fears he soon learnt that it was only a childhood belief that he was fearful of.

Just this realisation alone was powerful enough to get him to agree to look at the original issue of fear around his father. He was astounded when he realised his father who had now passed away many years earlier still had a major grip on his life, and his relationship was emulating that of his parents. After working through his old belief systems and replacing them with newer and healthier beliefs, he now just drinks socially with his wife and the relationship is as strong as it was originally.

We’ll Help You Find the Real Problem

The addiction is not really the issue – it masked the belief that was unhealthy for Andrew and like many of us, often fear of letting go of the addiction as the thought of the original issue coming up can be extremely painful. When the root cause of a problem is resolved, we can change for the better and live life much happier and with more freedom to do the things we really desire.

Andrew now sees me about every six weeks and soon we will shift that to every three months.