Addiction Management

We are all addicted to something. You are not alone

If it’s gambling, alcohol abuse/alcoholism or another form of addiction, Gippsland Counselling are here to steer you away from a potential worst-case scenario with its Addiction Management program.

Addiction Management: what are the signs?

  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Social and/or recreational sacrifices
  • Taking risks
  • Obsessive behaviour
  • Secrecy and solitude
  • Denial
  • Excess consumption
  • Dropping hobbies and activities
  • Hiding stashes
  • Having problems with the law

(Above list adapted from Medical News Today.)

Why we indulge in addictive behaviour:

  • As a coping mechanism
  • As a means of escape
  • It may be the only means of getting through the day

Get Your Life Back on Track

If you feel that addictive behaviour is taking over your life, contact us today. Our addiction management program is in place to help you get your life back on track.