Behaviour Counselling for Children

Do the best for your child

  • Does your child suffer from low self esteem?
  • Is your son or daughter suffering from anxiety?
  • Is bullying affecting your child’s schooling or social life?

It isn’t easy

Childhood comes with its own particular range of challenges and hurdles to overcome.  Rapid changes are the norm, often demonstrating that growing up can be very tricky indeed. Emotions can overwhelm your child, manifesting in any number of ways – and when behavioural changes begin to affect those closest to the child, behaviour counselling is a means of restoring stability to the child’s life.

Peter Winter of Gippsland Counselling is an experienced counsellor, which sets the foundation for his high success rate in this field by being able to build trust and connect to kids. Peter advocates medication-free solutions to behavioural issues, by giving your child the tools to make sense of their life changes in a positive way.

If your child requires behaviour counselling, contact us today.

Behaviour Counselling for Children