Blended Families

The Gippsland Counselling and Blended Families

Despite what watching the Brady Bunch might tell you, becoming part of a blended family isn’t as easy as it looks.

Blended families are common in Australia. This is where one of the parents has remarried and the children in the family have a new step-parent. Accordingly, there will be a number of hurdles to surmount, which require time and patience to work through. This is not always possible, though, when young children are involved.

  • Children may grieve over the loss of the previous parental relationship.
  • Children may not know where they fit in within the structure of the new family arrangement.
  • New family relationships will need to be negotiated and differences in family culture(s) may become apparent.

Adjusting to life within a blended family is a complex issue, and can be fraught with pitfalls. If you feel that the problems are outweighing the benefits, it may be time to talk to the Gippsland Counselling. We will help you smooth out the bumps. Our counsellors can suggest strategies to navigate the problems that may arise within the new family arrangement.

Becoming part of a stepfamily can be tricky to start with, but with the help of the Gippsland Counselling, it can become an enriching positive experience for all involved. Talk to us today.

Blended Families