Bushfires – Anxiety, stress, sadness and fear

Being Australian means living with bushfires.  It’s natural to us to see smoke on the horizon and to hear news alerts each Summer. Sometimes however it gets too overwhelming. Constant reports on TV, continual commentary on Radio and multitudes of information on Social media can AND do add up.

It affects all ages and for a lot of people it’s not immediately obvious. People react to bushfire season in many ways:


Not knowing what lies ahead when under the threat of bushfire takes an unhealthy toll on our mental health.

Stress and fear

Danger presents stress and fear to most people. This adds to both physical and mental anguish.


Bushfires can take away people’s lives as well as animals. Social media and TV will often show pictures of devastation and death. It’s ok to feel sad.


This can happen sometime after a bushfire event. It can be the result of pent up emotions surrounding bushfires

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