Counselling for Men

Counselling for Men can help you work through family and relationship issues. Most importantly is that it helps YOU.

Being a man in this modern world comes with many added responsibilities and expectations. Do you find yourself not being able to cope? We’re here to listen, help, understand and work with you to get complete and move on with your life.


Why Gippsland Counselling for Men?

  • your life will improve
  • your relationships will benefit
  • you will grow as a person

Why are men different to women?

  • Men often do not reach out for themselves
  • Men are often not good at giving support to one another
  • Reaching out for support can be seen (and experienced) as a weakness
  • Men tend to have less access to support from friends and relatives than women
  • Men are more prone to avoidance strategies such as excessive alcohol consumption
  • Men tend to work longer hours giving rise to more conflicts around work-life-balance

How Gippsland Counselling can help

  • We work with individuals within a relationship as well as the couple together
  • We see men as different and unique in their needs for counselling
  • We provide a safe and unbiased environment
  • We work with you on the root causes so that you can get on with you life and make REAL progress

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