COVID-19 Counselling

COVID-19 Counselling

The impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) which includes physical distancing, isolation and restrictions can make us feel worried, stressed and anxious. Looking after your own mental wellbeing and looking out for those around you is a challenge that we are all in together. Covid-19 counselling can help you understand your situation and provide you with the tools to cope in these difficult times.

Why it’s important to look after your mental health during COVID-19

When we aren’t able to see our friends and family regularly, it can be harder to keep on top of how we’re feeling. People have also experienced losing their jobs and having income reduced; this can cause significant emotional distress.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live our lives and it is likely that our lives will be different for a while. Being aware of how you’re feeling during these times and knowing what you can do to look after your mental wellbeing is an important part of staying healthy during this challenging time.

Why Gippsland Counselling?

Gippsland Counselling has years of experience in counselling on many different issues and subjects. Our primary counsellor Peter Winter  has a great skill-set developed around all areas of counselling.  Talk to us today about how we can best help your situation.

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