Depression Management

We’ll Help You Get Your Life Back on Track

We all get a case of “the blues” from time to time, but if it happens often enough where it begins to interfere with your life, depression could be the most likely cause. Here at the Gippsland Counselling, we offer means of depression management to help get your life back on track.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

You may be experiencing feelings of being:

  • overwhelmed
  • guilty
  • irritable
  • frustrated
  • lacking in confidence
  • unhappy
  • indecisive
  • disappointed
  • miserable

[Above courtesy Beyond Blue.]

You may not want to even get out of bed, and find the simplest of pleasures unobtainable; if that’s describing your current situation, we can help.

Real Lasting Results

Our Depression Management methods deliver real lasting results. Helping you manage your depression and deal with it is the main aim of our services. Identifying and helping with depression is an important part of what we do.  Depression can affect all different types of people at different times of their life.  Some people may not even know they are depressed and or the impact it is having on their lives and the people around them.

Depression Management: Dealing with “The Black Dog”

At the Gippsland Counselling we place the highest emphasis on helping clients deal with depression and related issues. Talk to us today.