Employee Counselling

Gippsland Counselling and Employee Counselling

Having problems at work? The Gippsland Counselling specialises in appraising your workplace situation and giving one-on-one feedback. All consultations are confidential.

Workplace anxiety? We can help!

Do you:

  • wake up in the morning dreading going to work?
  • go to lengths to avoid talking to your boss?
  • find yourself arguing with co-workers over minor things?
  • procrastinate about even the smallest of job-related tasks?

Workplace anxiety triggers might also include (via Forbes):

  • fear of speaking in public
  • apprehension about taking on new challenges
  • fear of being noticeably nervous
  • perfectionism

Employee counselling via the Gippsland Counselling will help allay workplace-related fears.

Employee Counselling: better for business, better for you

We will help you develop methods for coping with the various stresses of the workplace.  Whether it’s negotiating that much-deserved pay rise, or finding ways to get your point across in meetings, we will do our best to ensure you excel in your chosen profession. Contact us now to start improving your day-to-day job experience.

employee counselling