Loss of a Pet Counselling

Loss of a Pet and Gippsland Counselling

The loss of a pet might hit us hard, as much as the death of a family member. Indeed, for a young child, a beloved cat or dog is readily considered a family member on an equivalent level with a brother or sister. For older pet owners, the loss of a constant companion would be a devastating loss on par with losing a lifelong friend or partner. It’s normal – natural – to feel the need to grieve, and the Gippsland Counselling will help you through the steps needed to process such a loss.

It’s not “just the family pet”, this grief is genuine.

Guilt, denial, anger and depression are typical emotions that accompany grief, and shouldn’t be dismissed because “it’s just the family pet.” People often mourn the loss of fictional characters, why not a pet? Being honest about your feelings is the first step, and then, the next logical progression is finding someone to talk to. And while family & friends would often be the first port of call, sometimes it’s not always an option. Your grief over the loss of a pet is genuine, and should be recognized: if you feel that there is no one to confide in about the loss of your pet, contact us today.

loss of a pet