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The Gippsland Counselling and Marriage Counselling

As Frank Sinatra once memorably sang, “Love and marriage…go together like a horse and carriage…”

Conversely, Gwyneth Paltrow described the dissolution of her marriage to Coldplay’s Chris Martin as a ‘conscious uncoupling‘ that took place.

However, the rest of us don’t have the luxury of a high-priced Hollywood lawyer to negotiate a divorce. As with anything in life, a successful marriage is the result of hard work and communication. When there is a breakdown in communication, though, and the marriage looks to be on its last legs, that’s when you need to get in touch with the Gippsland Counselling for our patented brand of marriage counselling.

What are the signs?

  • Lack of intimacy
  • Lack of communication (stonewalling)
  • Feeling alone in the relationship
  • Being overly defensive in the face of criticism
  • Feeling apathetic about a future together
  • Being overly negative about your spouse and their actions/behaviour
  • Repeated arguments over the same subject
  • Looking for distractions when together
  • No longer feeling you have anything in common
  • Thoughts of cheating on your spouse
  • Lack of trust/empathy regarding the other partner

marriage counselling

Marriage breakdown

Circa the year 2000, divorce overtook widowhood as a leading cause of marriage dissolution in Australia (per a Dept. of Social Services research report). And yes, the divorce rates are down, but that doesn’t make them any less painful for the couple involved, to say nothing of the immediate family who get caught in the fallout (especially children).

One in three Australian marriages end in divorce. It’s a sobering statistic, but with our help, you can buck the trend. Get in touch with us today if you want your marriage to be one that Sinatra would sing about!

Marriage Counselling