Relationship Counselling

Long-term relationships will at some point experience difficult periods. Relationship counselling provides an environment where communication is made easier to help couples express their needs and to learn skills to resolve conflict.

Gippsland Counselling and Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling helps couples who are stuck in patterns of conflict to find effective ways of communicating with each other, to decide how to solve their problems and how to achieve their goals. We highlight misunderstandings and offer a new perspective in a couple’s communication for each partner. This process itself stimulates a change in the way each partner feels and behaves toward the other.

Relationship Counselling: what does it mean for you?

We look for each partner’s view of the relationship and each person’s perceived problems or issues. For many couples, it can be alarming to realise that common ways of communicating are not working anymore.

Counselling can help a couple to:

  • Remember why they were attracted in the first place
  • Understand the relationship they currently have and what it means to each other
  • Learn what they want from each other and the relationship
  • Establish what they are prepared to do to make the relationship work.

Why Gippsland Counselling?

Gippsland Counselling has years of experience in relationship counselling. Our primary counsellor Peter Winter has spent many years in the industry and won’t make judgements on who is right or wrong or try to persuade people to stay together or to separate. Talk to us today about how we can best help your situation.