Sexual Orientation Counselling

Jane was raised in a loving, church-going household, and believed from a young age she would marry a fellow male from her congregation. That all went out the window, though, when she fell in love with Jill. Jane then suffered an identity crisis: was she a lesbian? Would her church continue to accept her? Was it just a phase?

Gay? Bisexual? Queer? Transgender?

Notions of sexual identity change frequently in the 21st Century. Here at the Gippsland Counselling, we will help you navigate this complicated realm with our Sexual Orientation Counselling program, and help you become comfortable with who you are.

A multitude of terms and labels are bandied around when discussing sexual orientation and identity. It can be confusing, especially when sorting out the nature of how you identify. To start simply, what does sexual orientation involve?

(It) refers to being romantically or sexually attracted to people of a specific gender. Our sexual orientation and our gender identity are separate, distinct parts of our overall identity. []

Depressed or Anxious?

Coming to terms with one’s sexual orientation is a complicated process. It can prompt bouts of depression and/or anxiety. Alcohol or drug abuse may be apparent as a coping strategy.  Feelings of isolation and stigmatisation are not uncommon, and the sheer volume of information regarding the nature of sexual identity can be confusing, with conflicting messages and ideals. The Gippsland Counselling takes this information and helps make it work for you, building a picture of who you are and how you choose to assert yourself in terms of your sexual identity.

Private and Confidential

Our Sexual Orientation Counselling promises complete sensitivity and confidentiality. Contact us today.

sexual orientation counselling