Workplace Bullying

The Gippsland Counselling and Workplace Bullying

It’s a harsh fact of life that bullying doesn’t always stop once school is over. There can be a pecking order in a workplace, and unfortunately bullying is a reality you may have to deal with.

Workplace bullying may involve:

  • being deliberately excluded from workplace activities
  • being given pointless tasks that don’t help you or your job
  • making impossible requests that cannot possibly be fulfilled and thus set you up to fail
  • not being given important information that’s relevant to your job duties
  • being threatened with physical violence
  • being subjected to ‘hazing’

However, bullying is being taken seriously by employers as a ongoing HR issue that should be addressed. Policies and procedures should be established by your employer to prevent bullying, and a code of conduct likewise drawn up to ensure that each employee, regardless of position, is on the same page when it comes to inter-personal workplace relationships.

If you feel you are being unduly harassed in the workplace, we can offer advice and support outside of the structure of your working environment. Get in touch if you need help with workplace bullying; we can help point you in the right direction to get the assistance you need.