Gippsland Counselling offer a variety of counselling services

How our professional counselling services will help you?

Improve your health, energy, vitality and self–esteem with counselling from The Gippsland Counselling. We can help you move towards clarity and a positive direction in your life. We provide professional counselling for a number of issues and challenges including:

  • Relationship and marriage issues or breakdowns
  • Personal and family issues
  • Gender and sexual orientation
  • Anger management
  • Depression or anxiety management
  • Overcoming grief

Save yourself time and energy and avoid feeling like you are stuck in a rut by calling us now. We will help provide clarity about your emotions and behaviour. In your sessions we will provide direction and help you learn to manage and control your own behaviour, discovering tools to deal with everyday situations that may be a current source of distress in your life.

For a fresh perspective, call the Gippsland Counselling today.