How Counselling Can Reverse Negative Childhood Beliefs

In early childhood our parents influence our beliefs about ourselves

We take on our beliefs about ourselves from an early age – the child who is told she is lazy, clumsy, noisy etc often takes that belief into adulthood.

Up to about the age of 7 years (the egotistical child) children always looks to mum and dad for their self worth. A child that enters a room that is unfamiliar will often look at the expression on a parent’s face to check if it is safe or not. If the parent appears uneasy about the situation it’s often likely that the child will also be unsure. If the parent is comfortable it is likely the child will also feel at ease.

The child who is often told he or she is lazy, not good enough etc will take that belief on.  A child who is given lots of praise etc would be more likely to have a higher opinion of themselves in adult life and find it easier to build positive relationships with others.

Our beliefs about who we are

After the age of 7 or so we take on I am! I am lazy, clumsy, noisy etc and that becomes our belief about who we are and influences strongly the life we create for ourselves in our adult life.

Counselling can help us change from a negative to a positive self image

Through counselling and looking at the childhood belief systems we can revisit through adult eyes a lot of the belief systems that no longer serve us  and work through them, perceiving them from a more mature perspective.

Retelling the story of our childhood changes our belief systems

Beliefs are exactly that – beliefs! Beliefs are not reality and our beliefs are based on the stories we tell ourselves! Usually those stories are actually someone else’s story that we have taken on about ourselves. We do not have to own that story or the beliefs and feelings that come with it any longer if we wish not to.

At Gippsland Counselling we can work through those old beliefs and with several processes change your beliefs into something that now serve you well.