How Your Life Can Be Amazing Too!

The Secret To Having An Amazing Life.

We all want an amazing life and to truly create an amazing life for ourselves we need to get into the feeling of being in THE NOW.

Why The Present or The NOW?

When we are stuck in the past we create depression for ourselves. Most of us at some point in our lives have been stuck with our thoughts in the past, but the reality is we can never go back and change what we could have or should have done. What we can do however, is learn from the past and use that learning to start living fully in THE NOW.

What living in THE NOW does for us

When we come into THE NOW we can become content with our lives. It is only in THE NOW that we can create a beautiful life for ourselves.

How our Traralgon counselling service supports you in this process

At Gippsland Counselling we have several processes to help you to forgive (yourself and others) and to move yourself forward. Writing a letter to the person or people that we feel have wronged us and then working through that letter in the next session enables us to revisit that emotion for a short time, allowing you to let go of what was holding you back and keeping you stuck in the pain of the past.

The power of letting go of past hurts

The letter is never sent to the person, just kept for yourself if you wish. Often, if we revisit a childhood memory through adult eyes we can, with counselling, look at it with a fresh perspective. This is a very powerful process and is very effective in eliminating old beliefs that no longer serve us.

The strength of a fresh perspective

After several sessions of letter writing, often to a parent, teacher or childhood friend, most of our clients start to feel a little lighter as the load that they have been carrying for most of their life is finally shifted.

Your challenge – move into THE NOW

So the challenge for all of us is to let go of those feelings of hurt from the past, so we can start living in THE NOW – because how we live now determines not only our current state of happiness but also our future – the most powerful moment of your life is NOW – so live it well and use it wisely!