Kids Counselling

Kids Counselling services Gippsland

Being a parent can be tough at the best of times and you always want the best for your child. For many reasons children can start to behave in negative and even unacceptable ways. Our team work with you and your child to uncover what is going on and look for ways to improve their lives.

Kids are people too

Children and young adults experience everything adults do. Depression, anxiety, withdrawal, loneliness, aggression, bullying and even just a sense of being overwhelmed are very real feelings and circumstances for children and young adults

Kids Counselling sessions

Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend sessions with any child under the age of 18. However it’s important the child also gets some alone time to discuss their circumstances if appropriate.

Please don’t leave it to chance

Childhood is a time where individuals experince rapid growth, development and change. Believing a child will ‘grow out of it’ can sometimes not be the best course of action.

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