Peter’s Counselling Testimonial

Peter here with a very recent testimonial that a client is willing to share. I hope it helps you too…

Life was a constant battle

When I first made contact with Peter I felt that maybe life was meant to the constant battle it had been. My relationships were in chaos and every little thing in my life seemed difficult

Peter’s counselling gave me new strategies

After counselling Peter for several months I learnt different strategies to help me manage the personal relationships that had caused me such heartache in the past and to focus more attention on my own self within these relationships.

Personal journey counselling

The personal journey work that Peter took me through was like no other experience and has completely changed the whole way I look at my life, my relationships and most importantly myself.

I would recommend Pete to anyone! Because this was my first counselling experience I was worried about how comfortable I would feel. I instantly felt that Pete truly understood my situation and he made me feel very relaxed.

Peter’s counselling taught me that I deserve to be happy

I now know that I deserve to be happy too! Thanks Peter.