Traralgon Counsellor Helps With Anger Management

Why Mick came to our Traralgon counselling services

Mick, a man in his sixties, came to our Traralgon rooms for counselling five months ago. He was having trouble mixing with others and found himself spending most of his time at home. He had been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder in his twenties and had been suffering the symptoms of this condition ever since, often spending several days at a time in bed and unable to function well.

Anger issues – what counselling with us revealed

Mick was quite anxious when he started his sessions and we began looking at his childhood. Through writing his childhood story he came to realise that he had a belief that he had felt unheard as a child. One of his biggest issues was getting angry at people when they did not listen to him, often leading to a big argument and his getting on the wrong side of his friends and people who he would often deal with.

After a few sessions he came to realise that it was his issue and that he was not really angry at the people currently in his life, but at his father who ignored him when he was a child. This realisation allowed a major shift forward for him and he started to work through some of his other belief systems.

How Mick’s changed beliefs changed his behaviour

This is when Mick started looking at other people who came into contact with him in a different light. Previously he felt that he was the only one doing it tough and after working through these issues he began to realise that most people are in the same boat. This allowed him to treat people in a more compassionate way and then in turn they began to treat him with more respect.

After discovering that he was suffering from an overload of childhood emotions Mick was able to release this energy through his story writing, allowing that emotion to be resolved to a manageable level. He now understands that there was nothing wrong with him; he just had an overload of unresolved emotions. It was this belief that held him back in day to day life.

Long- term results of Mick’s counselling at our Traralgon rooms

In our last session Mick shared that he had not had a low that kept him bedbound for even a day over the last several months since he started his counselling sessions at Gippsland Counselling.

Mick now enjoys connecting with people on a different level and is starting to develop better quality relationships with the people with whom he interacts.