Traralgon Counsellor, Peter Winter | FEAR AND ANXIETY

What causes anxiety and fear?

Anxiety arises from living in the future instead of living in THE NOW. The basis of anxiety is fear. Fear is the thought of an event that has not yet happened appearing as real:

  • Fear of
  • Events
  • Appearing
  • Real

Examples of fear induced anxiety

Standing on the edge of a cliff or building and looking over it can induce the feeling of fear about what might happen. For some people just the thought of flying in an aircraft or being stuck in an elevator or whatever we may be fearful about can bring about that same sense of fear. That feeling of fear turns into anxiety when we continue to experience the fearful feeling again and again – even when we are not actually in the fearful situation.

FEAR is a very strong emotion that can be very debilitating; not wanting to go on that overseas holiday because we are afraid of the flight, or feeling unsupported when we are actually on the holiday and FEAR what might happen. The brain is a very powerful organ and is a master of creating events appearing real to appease the ego.

How counselling can help you control fear and anxiety

In our Traralgon counselling practice we meet many clients whose quality of life is very poor because they are ruled by fear and anxiety. The solution to their predicament is to help them learn how to live in THE NOW.

How living in THE NOW removes fear and anxiety

Looking around us, knowing we are safe and trusting ourselves to make the right decisions is certainly the key to living a happier, anxiety-free life. When we have convinced ourselves that this is not possible we have simply told ourselves a story, again to please our ego, our belief systems about ourselves and how we fit into the world around us.

Leaving childhood fears and beliefs behind

We often find that childhood beliefs that have been holding you back from living a happy and fulfilling life can be changed IF you choose to re-visit and examine those beliefs through adult eyes, rather than through the eyes of a child. In other words, with professional counselling support you can change beliefs that no longer serve you, giving you a fresh perspective on your life.

You are meant to be happy

We are all meant to be happy but sometimes we just get a little lost on our journey. However, with some professional counselling like we provide at our Traralgon rooms, in a loving and supporting environment, you too may learn to let go of fear and anxiety, freeing you to create the life that you truly deserve.

Facilitating A Fresh Perspective,

Peter Winter