What does a life coach do?

One of the many services that Peter Winter specialises in is life coaching…but what isn’t immediately obvious is the number of disciplines that life coaching involves. As it’s person-centred therapy, each approach undertaken with a given client is unique, but several facets are common in the course of hiring a life coach.

Life coaching can involve:

  • career counselling (in cases where the client feels that they are in a rut in their job or career, or is having difficulty find work)
  • affirmations (positive reinforcement via means of specific personally-positive phrases)
  • encouraging Positive Adult Development (“emotional expansion, growth, and improvement…continuing throughout adult life.”)

Ultimately, what is to be gained from undertaking life coaching is to obtain a fuller sense of worth about oneself, and from there improve other aspects of a client’s life: their self-confidence, how they manage their relationships, their personal happiness. It can be a intense process of discovery, but the end goal is to move beyond one’s comfort zone and start making things happen. Living in the present moment is something that eludes most people, as they are concerned about their jobs, their relationships, and other extraneous factors; getting engaged with a life coach clears that all away and boils it down to what you want out of life.

If you’re in need of the services of a life coach, talk to Peter today.